Kaduna Preparatory School is a licensed preschool and early year's centre located in Kaduna, Nigeria. We provide preschool and early years services to the community for children two years eight months through five years. We offer a comfortable, preschool setting in a serene environment with a low student to teacher ratio that allows the teachers to individualize learning experiences with each child.

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Music Classes

Music Classes with a professional music teacher.

Fitness Activities

Fitness activities with a professional fitness instructor.

Library Visits

Library visits and story time.

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Schools we feed into include : Staffing
Mrs. Mariam Oyawoye
Director & Lead Teacher

I am the proud director and lead teacher at Kaduna Preparatory School. I am also a mother to three wonderful children, a son and two daughters. I thoroughly enjoy working with children, and take pride in my profession as an early year's teacher.

Why Children need Nursery Rhymes?

Nursery Rhymes introduce children to the idea of a narrative, promote social skills, boost language development, and lay the foundation for learning to read and spell. In fact, reciting nursery rhymes may be just as important as reading stories and talking to your child. A rhyme's repetition can sensitize the children to the individual units of sound known as phonemes, which make up words.


Healthy Menu

The menu rotates every month to ensure that the children are presented with a variety of healthy foods.

Monthly Themes

The program has general monthly themes that are established and coordinated center wide from infants to school age, designed to promote developmental skills, and to enrich all children’s understanding of their world. The themes have educational, social, cultural, and emotional value.

Circle Time

Circle time provides the children with the opportunity to interact with each other as a group.

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